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How can you get rid of blemishes ?

so what can I use , like natural things. Or exfoliates might work , anything. Nothing too expensive and something I can get from the drug store.How can you get rid of blemishes ?
green tea packets

if u put it in warm water (dnt burn ur self)

then put it on ur pimple

tooth paste works 2

proactive roxxxxxx
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  • Can you get rid of pimples, blemishes, and acme in less than 3 days ?

    If so please list some products or possible home remedies. My graduation is 3 days away and I need an answer now.Can you get rid of pimples, blemishes, and acme in less than 3 days ?
    i was a recent sufferer from acne but know i'm not.

    don't touch your face..ever because it only makes your skin worse. if you have oily skin make sure to take a napkin or paper towel or somethin like that and soak up all the access oils on your face. if you face is dry put a mosturizer on it because your face will break out more if it is dry. i went to the dermatologist and got medications. i wash my face with a facial wipe in the morning and night then i apply the medications. i also use a avocado and oatmeal face mask every day. this will solve your acne problems over a periold of time but since you only have 3 days i suggest buying clearasil products such as the vanishing cream and the daily facial pads. clearasil products garenteed clear skin in 3 days.. good luck!!Can you get rid of pimples, blemishes, and acme in less than 3 days ?
    The tricky part about acne is that the problem can actually become worse if you overmedicate. That's because acne medication can overdry the skin, causing a boost in your skin's Sebum (oil) production. This results guessed it - more acne.

    So what's the long term solution? Find gentler solutions or even natural acne cures that won't shock your body into more breakouts. Here's what I recommend:

    - Use a glycerin based facewash. Glycerin is gentler and will balance the ph levels in your skin.

    - For body acne, try using an antibacterial soap to slowly dry out the skin. If your skin gets too dry, switch to a moisterizing soap like Dove to counterbalance the effect.

    - Wash your face only 2 times a day max and gently pat dry with a towel.

    - Use a gentle face moisterizer if the glycerin based face wash drys you out too much.

    - Eat almonds, fiber, drink lots of water and avoid excess sugar intake.

    - If acne medication isn't working or causing new breakouts, try applying egg whites to the pimples at night before bed. This natural remedy works great.

    - One of my favorite natural skin conditioners is wearing an ';oatmeal mask';. The oatmeal with smooth your skin while simultaneously absorb toxins and oils from your pores.

    For more great remedies, check out the Source link Below.

    Best of Luck!
    I don't know about getting rid of acne in 3days if it is a problem you've dealt with it for awhile, but if it's just appeared you can get rid of it. Also, you can diminish the redness and clear it up a lot more by just doing slight steps.

    Here's what I suggest:

    Wash your face with a acne face wash (whatever kind you prefer).

    Use an astringent (I use sea -breeze) - DO NOT OVER USE as it will dry out your skin.

    Then wash your face with an exfoliator (You might want to try olay's warming hydrating cleanser).

    THEN moisturize your skin with an OIL-FREE moisturizer.

    You might want to do this once to maybe twice a day, depending on how sensitive your skin is. I hope this helps! Have fun graduating! If this doesn't help you could always use some slight foundations to cover up the blemishes and it wont look like you're wearing long as you apply it right. Email me if you have questions.
    Hey a great way to ge rid of all these is to try a site out called free-beauty-tips. Search on google ';beauty tips'; and the first link there go on it. Okay i know its girly but go on some stuff like home made remedies, skin care etc ...

    They should work.

    Hope i could help =]

    Btw i would have just given you the link but yahoo wont let me post it. Sorry.
    Yes you can. Natural rememdies, and spot removals at your local drug store.

    Just yesterday i had this hugggee pimple, and i had to go out. So i removed the white head.. and i put aftershave...or rubbing alchohol, and then dabbed lemon juice (fresh) with salt. It went down alot. Today i can barely see it, but it left a scab.. so i suggest you dont remove the whitehead if you dont want a scab.
    try clean and clear acne spot treatment

    thats really good for individual pimples or in a bunch

    works for the next day

    i've used it and its really good you can get it a shoprite

    hope i helped
    you can try. wash your face twice a day, and apply lotion immediately after washing. don't pick your zits. mine go away all by themselves when i stop picking them.

    How can I clear up my blemishes on my face?

    I never had an out break before and i dont have acne. so i need some advice in that department. Im 20 yrs old.How can I clear up my blemishes on my face?
    get a creamy conceler (cover up ) but use your finger to cover up blemishes and use cetaphil - and if cetaphil doesnt work for you use neutrogena deep clean cream face cleanser = ] at night and keep on for 8 minutes or longer (or use both cetaphil and neutrogena. U can also keep the cetaphil on and not wash it off

    Tori_dee = ]How can I clear up my blemishes on my face?
    Oatmeal mask, Just take regualr oatmeal, and mix with water
    proactiv if there is a lot all over. but if it's just a few buy neutrogena spot eliminator in a small tube, you can find it at walmart in the health and beauty section

    I would advice you to try some home based remedies for skin ,hair and weight problems, this link has some good information it sure did help me so here goes,

    good luck
    I would recommend PCA (Physicians Choice of Arizona). They have a wonderful line, although not entirely cheap. I would also say you may want to think of going to an esthetician before hand, get a review of your skin, and perhaps even a facial. When you go in you can request samples of those items you liked. PCA's website lists all their retailers which most are spas, and the like. Good luck!
    Shiny and Beautiful Skin Tips鈥?/a>
    dont do the oatmeal mask! Youll break out even more?!

    You need to spot treat the blemishes with Benzol Peroxide

    and dont skip the moisturizer step in your skincare
    I had the same problem with my face a few months ago.I know a site as follows;

    What I found out is that there is a item that helped me .

    You may find interesting.If I would be you I would go to this site.

    How do you get rid of blemishes or needle thread veins?

    I would really like to know how to get rid of bad blemishes or needle thread veins thanks :)How do you get rid of blemishes or needle thread veins?
    idk but could you see if you can answer mine. and if send to someone who might. thanx : do you get rid of blemishes or needle thread veins?
    You'll need IPL (intensed pulsed light) to get rid of the thread veins.

    Quite expensive but it will get rid of them for good. No cream will fade them.

    I have a loads on my cheeks =/

    Do not go to a beauty salon. You don't want scarring. You need a professional.. A dermatologist.

    Are you in England? I'm getting mine done at my local Nuffield hospital. Most private hospitals will have someone..

    If they're on your legs rather than your face, then there is something called sclerotherapy. Google it.
    do you mean spider veins that comes on your leg etc. idk how to get rid of that but you can use that neutragena (wrong spelling) vibrating thing to prevent and get rid. it works for me all you do is put on the pad that comes with it and turn it on and move around your face in circular motion

    What products are good to help fade red marks left behind from blemishes?

    I am asian and whenever I get a pimple, my skin gets darker and discolored after the pimple is gone. What is a good product that can help fade these marks without bleaching the skin and leaving it too light?What products are good to help fade red marks left behind from blemishes?
    Look up bee-luscious cosmetics on they ahve anawesome line of products and they contain royal jelly which is a natural healing and skin agentWhat products are good to help fade red marks left behind from blemishes?
    Yes, it's true that women with darker skin are more prone to acne scarring. Pigmented acne scars (the mark after the pimple goes away) result from the collection of pigment cells while the blemish is healing. Darker-skinned women already have a great deal of pigment in their skin, so this additional collection of pigment leads to scarring.

    You can try an over-the-counter cream like Porcelana, but note that it could take up to two months to see a difference. For more serious scarring, chemical peels may be helpful. Your best bet is to make an appointment with your doctor who can recommend the treatment that is right for you - whether it is something over-the-counter or prescription-strength.

    In the meantime, check out鈥?/a> for more detailed information on what causes acne scarring and how to treat it.
    well i suggest clear and clean its realy high in vitimains and is hydrating for the skin!
    Alphahydroxy acids, like glycolic acid. They're also used to fade wrinkles. There's also topical Retin-A.
    There is a product called ';medrol';, that is prescribed by a doctor, it will eliminate everything from the pimple, to the lasting mark, of a pimple, within a 24 hour period, guaranteed. Use sparingly, it's extremely drying! I have white skin, i'm not sure what the effects would be on darker skin.

    What year did glass change in house windows .from the old glass to what we have today with out blemishes and?

    old glass had pits and waves and new glass in windows today is smoth with no flaws , When did it change?What year did glass change in house windows .from the old glass to what we have today with out blemishes and?
    Modern ';plate glass'; began to be used in residential construction in the 1940's and all but replaced the old ';float glass'; by the early 1960's.

    There is still a lot of old float glsss out there. It is worth recycling because many restoration specialists seek it out for projects in historic houses or period restorations. In fact, some neighborhood historical districts prohibit the use of plate glass and mandate the use of float glass in order to preserve the look of the neighborhood.

    What should I use to remove the scars, black spots and blemishes due to pimples?

    My skin is oily and i had pimples on my face... but eventually they all went away leaving scars and blemishes behind. I cant tolerate them on my face any more. Please suggest me some remedies to get rid of them...What should I use to remove the scars, black spots and blemishes due to pimples?
    There's two things that I'd suggest.

    The first is bio oil. Being a teenager i find it useful for many things, especially getting rid of a 1cm scar on my knee, eeew! Bio oil may seem pricey but for the amount you use on each use it could well last you for more than a year. I've had my bottle for two years now, although I don't use it that often but every once in a while and it's still nearly full.

    The second product I could recommend is Dalacin T Topical Lotion. I believe the only way to purchase this is with a prescription and when I got it it was actually to get rid of my acne. I had got used to the scars and didn't think anything about the lotion getting rid of them, although it did. The scars from past pimples were fading after one day of using this. I have been using it for only one week now and already they've al gone!

    Also this really does of course work to get rif if zits!

    Hope I've helped and Good Luck! =-DWhat should I use to remove the scars, black spots and blemishes due to pimples?
    Thanks. I have seen bio-oil in sainsburys, boots and superdrug in the UK or you could buy online. I'm sure you'll find it as it's becoming more common and there's an ad on TV. The packaging is white with orange writing in a rectangular box. Bio-oil comes in three sizes (I have the smallest) =-D Report Abuse

    1. Remember When your scab first falls off, make sure you keep it out of the sun for a few days. That doesn't mean you have to stay inside, but wear a hat for the first few days just so that the scar doesn't become permanent.

    2. Rub aleo vera gel on you scar until it goes away. This will help the skin resurface and grow back healthy. You can buy this at CVS if you wanted to. It's not very expensive. Alternatively, you can try Burts Bees coconut foot creme.

    3. Be sure that you clean your skin. Don't be scared to hurt your skin if you wash it. It's actually very good for your scar to wash it, even if your using products. But use products that aren't sensitive to the skin because it can make your scar red and dry.

    this is a magic key to clear skin. NO JOKE.

    follow these instructions from this youtube video and you will see a difference within a week or so.鈥?/a>

    have you heard of Eyptian magic cream? it works great on acne scars and moisturizes your face too!!

    Bio Oil is AMAZING

    i have a circle shaped scar on my chin that was horrible and very noticeable i used bio oil on it for about 3 months and it is basically so faded now you cant see it AT ALL.

    its amazing :)
    clear gel cream(medicinal) is good - but i would suggest u to consult a doc before applying anything to ur face since it may be sensitive
    maderma but its kind of expensive

    or go to your local market and get vitamin E

    hope this helps!
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