Friday, December 11, 2009

How to touch up paint on a car for small blemishes?

I got the correct color paint and just wondered if I need to do anything else. I really just want to prevent any rusting in the future, living in the moist NW this is always a concern. Any useful answers would be appreciated.How to touch up paint on a car for small blemishes?
Make sure the surface is clean and dry and not already rusting....apply the touchup paint in tiny dabs until it covers the chip or blemish area. I used to use a paper match cut to a point but a touchup brush applicator can work too....just work in small dabs. Surface tension makes the dabs try to mound up so keep them small to prevent obvious bumps. Let dry and wax over the area....some touchup paints have a secondary clearcoat to apply after the initial paint and before waxing. Experiment a few times on non-obvious parts of the car until you get good results.鈥?/a>

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